Walmart & August Smart Locks Team Up

Walmart & August Smart Locks Team Up







Smart Locks Team Up

Technology regarding delivery of goods and smart locks has taken an leap forward with the teaming up of Walmart and August’s smart locks. The deal here is that with a an August smart lock installed, you will be able to allow one time access to delivery people bring you Walmart products inside your home while you’re away.

The Plus Side

The plus side to this venue is that you can be at work or on vacation and you won’t have to worry about your packages being left outside in the the elements or open to damage by curious wildlife or people. You can shop online wherever you are and know that by the time you get home your Walmart goods will be sitting pretty right there in your home, safe and secure.

This will alleviate the headaches of having to go to the shipping depots to pick up missed deliveries and also to reschedule pickups at a later date.

If you need to have that vital product at your home or business then you just order it and it’ll arrive and be placed in a secure place in your home or office.

This saves time and frustration and money. The protective access codes won’t allow anyone but a certified delivery person representing Walmart to enter. These people are screened and all information is recorded especially if your smart lock is in coordination with your home security system.

The Minuses

This new approach seems fine and dandy but but there are concerns. How do we know the person delivering the products is honest? What if someone with unscrupulous designs gains access to your home and decides to make away with your precious possessions?

Well, there are safeguards built into this that the public doesn’t know about or it would never have gotten green lighted. We don’t want to mention them here as it might give some knucklehead criminals and idea to beat the system.

The bottom line is that the system is being tested and who knows where it’ll go from here. It’s just not for delivering when you’re away but for when you’re too busy to come to the door. You may be out in the yard gardening or busy in a room of the house cleaning or fixing something or you’re just taking a nap or dip in the pool and don’t want it be bothered. The system will allow for the delivery person to input their security data and enter the residence, drop off the goods and be on their way.

This may sound fantastic so some an scary to others but it’s just another way that the locksmith has to install new technologies. As the systems are tested under all contingencies, if successful it might become a mainstay of the way goods are delivered overall.

If you have any questions just ask Florida Lock Doctor to explain it all to you. They’re going to be the locksmith company in your area that installs and does the maintenance on these new-fangled locks and they’ll explain the process to you in simple terms and assure you of their efficiency and safety.

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