Holiday Home Protection

Holiday Home Protection







Holiday Home Protection

With the holidays approaching, home protection means covering a lot of ground. It calls for knowing what choices you make to modify your home decoratively as well as activity habits that might cause you dismay, harm, or loss.

Often we get so caught up in holiday cheer that we let our guard down. We’re expecting company at any time and sometimes don’t realize that all those tempting holiday goodies are just as appealing to burglars and wild animals. A good locksmith will do here but you still have to watch what you’re doing or you’ll end up in a horrible holiday instead of a happy one.

First of all, even though you want that open door hospitality, you still have to make sur3e your doors and windows are secure. Don’t leave doors unlocked for a long periods of time if you’re not in the room or nearby. If you have a dog all the better. Don’t blab all over Facebook and social media that you’re going out holiday shopping and partying. That’s just a neon sign to criminals who peruse profiles to find out the habits of their potential victims.

If you’re inviting friends and family over, make sure they don’t do the same or their homes could be targeted. Offices are the same with holiday parties as if everyone is going to the local bar for a snack or two you’ve left minimal staff or none at the office. When the cat’s away the rats will play.
When putting together the holiday decorations be aware o electrical and fire hazards. Plugging in ten surge protectors into one socket layered on top of each other is not sound advice. It doesn’t matter if you want to win the neighborhood holiday lighting contest or not. It’s not worth burning your house down or causing an electrical shortage because you want to show off your animated Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer ten foot decoration.
Thieves know that during the holidays the pickens are good. They know you’ve stashed hundreds if not thousands of dollars of gifts in the basement or closet or attic. They will peruse to see if they can get quick access to them. You have to be on your toes because just one hit on your home could ruin your holidays and is of course dangerous.

Make sure your locks are in good working order. The winter holidays are the toughest. Make sure they’re clean and are up to spec. If you feel like you need an inspection or upgrade then call in a professional locksmith to get the job done.

Florida Lock Doctor is the company to go for in this event. They’ll know how to inspect your locks and maintenance them correctly. Their friendly staff knows that you’ll be modifying your home for the holidays and may need shoring up of your present protection or upgrading to the new WiFi operated locks. They’ll answer all your questions and give you an affordable quote that you can live with.

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