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Commercial Locksmith Services in Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk County.

The importance of hiring a competent and efficient locksmith when dealing with your company cannot be overstated enough. We are truly the best at what we do and offer upfront pricing.


An integral part of what we do as locksmith. Sometimes turnover in employees is mutual and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you misplace your keys and lose them. Whatever the reason the security of your place of business is paramount in securing the safety and the security of the business and employees who work there.

Master Keying

Provides the security and the flexibility of limited or complete access to any doors you want. This setup is typically utilized in an office, bank, business setting or property management setting.

Commercial Lockout

What has kept America running is our small business. Every good business owner knows that time is money and if you are locked out of your place of business it is costing you both. Give us a call so we can help keep your doors open for business.

Cabinet Lock outs and Rekeying

Is there a cabinet that is locked which you have lost the keys to? Do you need to secure confidential documents in a cabinet and you don’t have any keys. Don’t worry we can help. Our Certified technicians can unlock the cabinets and even make you a new set of keys if you require a set.

Commercial Access Control and High-Security Locks

There a wide variety of electronic access control systems and high-security locks to choose from such as e card readers, biometric fingerprint, retina scanning, Medeco Locks or Mul-t-locks to name a few. It is critical and essential to get what you need for your particular type of business. Business owners need to be able to depend on a locksmith company Tampa FL that can do the job right the first time with out wasting your valuable time or money.

We Provide 

  • Hotel lock
  • Hotel safe lock
  • Hotel door lock
  • Hotel security lock
  • Hotel lock system
  • Hotel electronic door locks
  • Bank lock
  • Locking banks
  • Lock bank
  • Hock bank bags
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  • Lock for hostel
  • Uni lock
  • University lock and key
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  • Emergency door lock
  • Commercial Door locks
  • Automatic locksmith
  • Residential locksmith
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Commercial locksmiths can provide the peace of mind your business needs. They are skilled at installing, changing and repairing a wide variety of security systems that are designed to protect your commercial property. At the same time, they can provide consultation services to ensure businesses have access control for authorized personnel only. Not all locksmiths offer the same services, so it’s important to research different companies and their approaches to keep your business safe. With their help, businesses can save valuable time when it comes to installing and maintaining locks as well as cutting keys for new employees or replacing old ones.

Locksmiths play a vital role in keeping businesses and homes safe by providing custom security solutions. From antique locks to high-tech electronic lock systems, commercial locksmith have the expertise and technology to fit any security need. They can also assist with the purchase, installation, repair and maintenance of locks for businesses, ensuring that all properties owned by a business are protected from unauthorised access. With their years of experience and knowledge in the security industry, commercial locksmith provide comprehensive services for commercial spaces.

Every business needs a secure and reliable lock in order to protect its premises and assets. This is where commercial locksmith come into the picture. They provide services such as lock installation, repair, and maintenance of existing locks. They also offer high-tech security solutions such as biometric locks and access control systems. With their expertise, they can secure your business even in the most challenging circumstances.

Commercial Locksmith in Tampa, FL Florida

If you’ve latched yourself out of your house, have to be compelled to rekey a lock for your home, or duplicate keys, we tend to area unit here to assist. We install, repair & replace any locks on doors, safes & gates.

We offer a 24 hour response time, all within an average of 30 minutes or less. All of our locksmiths are native Floridians as well as drug and security background checked. This is only one way of showing our customers the quality and integrity of our company.


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