Avoiding The Disaster Of Locking Your Car Keys Inside

Tips for When Your Keys Are Locked In A Car








It can happen to the best of us. We’re in a rush to get where we’re going and find out later that we’ve left our car keys inside our car. It’s an embarrassing and can be expensive problem. Not only can you not access s your vehicle, but criminals who scan cars for such events might take advantage of the situation and the next thing you know your car is gone.

There preventative measures you can do to not get caught in such a dire situation and lots of it is just good old commons sense.

First of all, make sure your keys are on you. Do a pat-down before you close that door. When you know your keys are on your person then it’s okay to lock the door. A neck chain is also an option, this way your reflexes will make you put your keys around your neck and not laying on the car seat or in the ignition.

Do not lock the inside of the car but do so outside. When you’ve trained yourself to lock the car from the outside you won’t make the mistake of locking your keys inside the car. If you do find that you’ve locked your keys inside then also see if any of the doors to the car are not locked so you can access your car.

Other Strategies

Other strategies to prevent the being locked outside of your car calls for keeping a spare key on your person, using a magnetic key placed on the outside of the car, usually under the wheel well. It’s not a good idea to do this because criminals will look for a spare key.

Ask family or friends to keep a spare key for you. If you bring your dog with you on regular occasions, you can stash a key in a collar or jacket as dogs nowadays wear more clothes than some people!

If you often lock your keys in your car at work, then have a place to stash your car keys in the office or work space.

The home is an easy place to stash a spare key. Just look around for some place to hide it and don’t use obvious places like welcome mats or rocks.
Your smartphone is a good place to tape a spare key. Either on the case or on the strap.
There are other creative ways to stash a spare key but the bottom line is not to get caught in such a situation in the first place. We often get distracted with our day to day activities and locking oneself out of one’s car leads to giggles as friends and family may make light of you. Although there’s room for laugh, it may not be so funny if you’re in a dire situation, locked outside in inclement or dangerous weather or trapped outside when danger threatens.

Call The Florida Lock Doctor

If things end up where you find yourself in trouble with being left outside your car, you’ll need a locksmith to help you out. Florida Lock Doctor will be able to save the day. Their locksmiths are certified professionals who will rescue you and not damage your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to call Florida Lock Doctor, they know how to cure a boo-boo.

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