Tips To Holiday Home Security

Tips To Holiday Home Security








With the holidays upon us, one of the most important tips that come to mind is the home security that you’ll need to apply just to be on the safe side of things.
It’s basically the simple things that matter the most regarding home security and following these tips can go long way.

1. Don’t blab to everyone online or around town that you’re going away for the holidays. That’s like advertising to criminals and they love it. If you have a high end home with lots of goodies to steal, criminals will go all out to get as much information about you as possible. They’ll pace themselves to when you leave and use their many tactics and tools to rob your home blind. This goes especially for social media. Don’t shoot off your mouth about how wonderful your vacation is until after you’ve returned. Don’t mention if it’s an annual thing either and make sure the kids and relatives and friends don’t blab about it on their Facebook pages either.

2. Have friends or family gather up packages and mail delivered to your home if you’re away. You can make arrangements with the post office but you might not with other carriers delivering presents. Should your lawn need raking or sidewalk need snow removal, have someone handy to do it so the property doesn’t look abandoned.

3. The windows to the home can act like billboards to precious items. Don’t have expensive items and other goodies in fair view from windows to the streets. This way predators won’t get an eyeful of what’s inside your home that would make a great haul for them.

4. Keep an eye out for people in the neighborhood going door to door with either soliciting for charities or other issues. If they start asking too many invasive questions, excuse yourself, get them off your property and alert the police. If you have a neighborhood watch group, coordinate whenever someone hits the area who is suspicious as you normally would but be extra careful when people are smiling with good cheer all over their faces. Not saying not to trust, but be extra cautious.

5. Take care not to run extension cords or decorations through windows. This means the window won’t close all the way giving a burglar a real good chance of entering the home.

6. Get a video monitoring system. This will cover the area around the home and inside if need be. You can sometimes see potential criminals ‘casing’ your home so that later they can gain access. This information captured on camera is extra evidence so don’t underestimate its value.

Overall, home security covers many areas that you and your family will have to take responsibility for. Some are simple actions and others may require some technical know how, but in the end, they’ll all add up to a more secure home.

The holidays should be a time of joy, not one of apprehension and disaster. Keeping an eye peeled for trouble regarding home security will ensure that peace of mind that comes with being a responsible home owner.

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