A Look At The New August Smart Lock Goodies

A Look At The New August Smart Lock Goodies








New August Smart Lock Goodies

If you’re new to the beat regarding smart lock goodies, you’ll need to know more about August, the company that invented the smart lock.

August created a lock that has no physical key in or blot lock like regular locks do, but instead can be opened using your smartphone and an app. The app allows you to open the door from wherever you happen to be.

Should you have a repairman come over to fix the pipes and you’re not home, then you can let them know that you’ll be opening the door for them when they arrive and locking it when they leave. It’s really a new and convenient way of securing the home and not having excess keys laying about. You can have a smart lock for each member of the family app, so they can arrive and go as they please. It’s a long way from the old way a locksmith used to secure a building but in this case, it’s easy and the technology is growing.

In a new burst of goodies from August, they’ve announced that they have a a bunch of internet connected devices that come with new features. Now you can let strangers from what are referred to as “partner” companies into your home to do things for you. They can do chores or make repairs like mentioned above. If you have a maid service, they’ll be able to enter and get their duties done and then roll on.

As for businesses you can see the potential. Deliveries and repairs being done while you don’t have to trouble yourself with going to the location. It will save time and effort as well as money.

The drawback here is that it calls for lots of trust. Letting people in and out of your home or office is taking a risk but the software and hardware allow for seeing the people and recording them. For Americans the product will probably only be used for homes and tight associative employees. This way the potential for wrongdoing will be limited.

It costs a good $200 to get the system and extras and it’s sure to see a price drop along the way but there will be new features added as well. We’ll have to wait to see if this lock system is all it’s cracked up to be.

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