The New Face Of Home Security

The New Face Of Home SecurityLike something out of an old “Jetsons” futuristic cartoon, today’s home can be equipped with the latest in high tech security and at affordable prices too.

The use of WiFi and digital technologies has allowed for new and innovative techniques to be developed and applied thus replacing many of the old standards.

One such development is the use of the keyless lock systems. These technologies allow for the use of electronic devices to lock and unlock doors, windows, garages. They come with apps for the smartphone to unlock the home or lock it at a distance. If one is approaching the home, one can turn on the phone and the door will unlock. When leaving, the doors and windows will lock. One can do so from work too if visitors are arriving and you want them to gain access. Same with repair people who might have to gain access while you’re away.

In addition there are now window sensors that allow for all sorts of security issues. Pet doors can be opened and closed as well. Devices attached to the collar of a pet can allow for access and prevent wild and stray animals from entering.

The good old video surveillance options are getting better and better. Not only that but they’re becoming affordable too. For under $400 one can get an awesome video surveillance home security system with all the bells and whistles. Today’s video surveillance system can be operated from a smartphone as well. While away at the office one can look in at the home both inside and outside to see what’s going on. Combined with other smart home security like keyless locks, one can almost operate an entire home this way, even to the point of watering the lawn, turning lights on and off and even starting sound systems to give the illusion that someone is home when not.

It’s probably going to turn out that one day there will be holographic people and guard dogs projected from the home security system as an even more effective deterrent to would be burglars and trespassers. You never know the way the technologies keep leaping ahead.
While shopping for these home security technologies, one should look at not just the cost, but the features available and the ability to upgrade at a cost effective level. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars today only to find out that you’ll need to do so a year from now as the technology improves and the company you’ve bought from won’t or can’t upgrade. Ask the right questions beforehand regarding service. How trouble free is the system, and how to maintenance it properly.

You’ll need a system that all the family members can operate without problems.
The companies who produce these products like the feedback too. Ask present customers via social media or review sites about benefits and drawbacks as well.

Overall, the new home security technologies look promising indeed.

Image credit: Andriy Popov

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