Getting That New House Up To Your Specs

New House Up

So you’ve just bought that new house up and you’re ready to move in, but in all honesty, even if you’ve seen the house and inspected it, there may be more and more things that need some work on or just to make better to appeal to your personal tastes.

A new home is a huge investment. It’s usually the biggest investment a person makes. Taken care of, and in a good location, the equity and value of the property will rise, this is why taking care of the home in the first stages is so important. It literally lays the groundwork down for further modifications and investment.

First of all, give the new home a good looking over. Before you purchased it you looked at the roof, floors, plumbing, and any ornamentation. It may have been remodeled to showroom specifications, but still needs your personal touch or perhaps more shoring up. Stat with the small items first. Basically cleaning. Making sure things are ship shape. The cleaning should include all basements and attics and any appliances. Yo may need to put a new platform under the fridge or washer and dryer. Get a locksmith to come in and change all locks. If door frames need to be modified for the new locking system, the locksmith will know what to do.

The floors and walls might need touching up and repainting. The original colors and type of paint. It’s a big job and if you and your family can’t do it, get a professional to come in as well. This is why you make an assessment before you buy the house so you’ll know what to expect to do when you’re inside. If you have pets and kids, you’ll need the right rugs and flooring as well as other modifications like doggie and kitty doors, maybe even a doghouse.
Lighting is another issue. You may need new fixtures or have to repair old ones. You can do some and a professional electrician can do the dangerous work. Family room modifications might call for more outlets or perhaps more shelving and counters. Same with the kitchen and bedrooms and bathrooms. Storage space and new cabinets will always be needed and you can either buy and install them yourself or have a pro do it.
Finally, the decorative side of things. That’s a whole ‘nother article but essentially it’s an outdoor and indoor thing following the same fundamental tips.

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