Home security system: Knob Locks

Knob locks

knob locks are typically used only inside as much as the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, etc.so as to Home security system locks have key cylinders use on one side a turn knob on the other that controls the latch structure. Also, it uses a flexible bolt that suits all standard doors. Also, fit both left and right-handed doors. 

Feature of knob locks:

  • It has nickel-plated bolts.
  • additionally Satin stainless finish.
  • Moreover, SmartKey technology allows you to re-key the lock within seconds.

Advantages and disadvantages of knob lock


  • Design is too simple
  • however user-friendly
  • of course Versatile
  • additionally, It is not costly


  • It is not secure like another lock
  • as well as Not use in offices and economical buildings etc

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