door lock:Padlocks

door lock padlocks

Padlocks are typically never forever attached to all and are the only lock type that is portable. Moreover, the door lock Commonly uses two types of the padlock.

The first is keyed and the second is a combination.

 FurthermoreBoth types have three main components:

  1. the body
  2. the shackle
  3. the locking mechanism

With this in mind, Keyed padlocks, apply a key to back off the locking system.

These are the following:

  • key-retaining 
  • non-key-retaining locks 

Key-retaining padlocks can not allow the key to be move when the lock is open.

Comparatively, Non-key-retaining locks allow the user to do a key to be move when the door is open. Also, the re-keyable meaning is that the key to be cylinder also moves or replaces it with the new key. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Padlock:


  • Moreover, a padlock is usually small
  • Too Easy to use


  • Easily broken by force
  • Such as bolt cutters, hammers, or drilling
  • Also Difficult to installing indoor

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