Smart locks: Deadbolts

Deadbolt Lock 

Deadbolt lock that can be opened only through a key as well as a knob. These smart locks cannot be easily damaged or fatigue. In the deadbolt, lock use rotates cylinder magnesium used. Deadbolt also provides a top-level of security as well as it commonly uses house safety. In addition these door lock cant open with peaky or sharp things like knife etc.also you can upgrade the quality of the lock by installing a flip guard. Moreover, the flip guard boosts the security of the lock.

Types of Deadbolt locks

Different variety of deadbolts are available are as following.

first is single Cylinder Deadbolt second is Double Cylinder Deadbolt third is Keyless Cylinder Deadbolt. Let start detail these three types.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt: This deadbolt lock simple to lock or unlock using a key. It is not used a glass window near it. It is not too secure. 

 Double Cylinder Deadbolt: This is a deadbolt lock that opens through the key from both sides. it is more secure then Single Cylinder Deadbolt.

 Keyless Cylinder Deadbolt: This door locks open without a key using a password as well as a fingerprint scan. This lock advanced level locks .so that it is too secure.  

Advantages of a deadbolt lock

Advantages of a deadbolt lock:

  • The best protection against forceful attacks.
  •  It can not unlock with the peaky things similarly a knife, etc.
  • Moreover, It provides too much security. 
  • Single and double cylinder or keyless cylinder deadbolts available.

   disadvantages of a Deadbolt Lock

  • Deadbolts are more expensive.
  • Moreover, An unknown person enters your place by guessing the password.
  • Unlike we forget the password of the lock.

Cost of Deadbolt locks

Provided that Deadbolt Locks price is $30 to $50 roundabout. 

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