Home Security Prevention The Right Way

Home Security Prevention The Right Way







Security Prevention

Since your home is generally your biggest investment and since it’s the place you lay your head down at night to rest in security prevention, you’ll want it protected properly from thieves and even wild animals. This can be achieved with some tender loving preventative measures and easy to do.

First of all, make an assessment of your property. Is it secure the way it looks? Are there broken down fences or unkempt bushes and trees lying around where burglars or animals can hide in? Is your house well lit from the outside so that it scares off animals but also burglars too?

First of all, don’t make your home look delicious or inviting. Don’t have big ticket expensive items in plain view of windows. Meaning don’t have that 40 inch new tv screen situated near a window or glass sliding door so that the whole world can see. No, you don’t want to advertise what you have or you may well be inviting enough for a burglar to want to take that chance.

The same goes with animals too. Yes, there are some animals that can destroy your home should they gain entrance or even damage the outside of the home. Put garbage in a secured receptacle and don’t leave food lying around outside. Clean off tables and chairs , grills, etc., leaving no food residue and alluring aromas around. Simple vinegar and water will do here. You don’t want the animals snooping around and trying to open things or gain entrance. If they’re hungry enough and if you’ve something around or inside that is irresistible to them, they will make a play for it.

Don’t leave spare keys in easy spots. Put them in places outside that even you wouldn’t want to look for them. For example, if you’ve an outside dog with a dog house, then put a set of keys inside the dog house. No burglar is going to want to look in there. Just don’t do the common thing and put extra keys under rocks or on window sills. It’s too obvious. Just use some common sense.

Make your home look uninviting with proper lighting. Even motion sensor lighting helps. When a burglar sees that access to a window or door is well lit or might set off an alarm, they’ll scurry back to their dens of disrepute instead. No burglar wants to be the center of attention and good lighting will do this.

Let everyone know you have an alarm system. Most alarm system companies provide signs, stickers, and so on so that you can post them prominently around your property. Burglars will see these and decide smartly not to take on your home. Alarm systems mean that video will be taken, security and police will be notified, and maybe even armed neighbors who are part of your neighborhood patrol.

Finally, it doesn’t cost much to have a professional locksmith take a look at your property to give it the once over. The locksmith will suggest where you should have certain types of locks installed. Following their advice is sound homeownership.

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