Taking Responsibility For Home Security

Taking Responsibility For Home Security







Home Security

A homeowner can spend a good deal of money to have a home security system installed, but even with a home security system that has all the bells and whistles, it’s the little things done by the homeowner themselves that can greatly diminish the chances of a burglary.

The FBI calculates that there is a burglary in America every 15 seconds. That’s an astonishing number and the reason why the conscientious homeowner should install a home security system. One wants their self, family, and possessions secure. A good home security system will provide prevention and notification to law enforcement when the home is breached. The homeowner, on the other hand, by just adopting some common sense strategies can be a big help in the prevention of such breaches.

First of all, the homeowner should make the property ‘burglar unfriendly’. Something simple like a sign saying “Beware of Dogs” is enough to make a burglar think three times before entering a property. Dogs are a burglars worse friend as the dog can alert to their presence and often cause sever injury to a burglar. Going to jail and needing emergency surgery is not what a burglar has on their daily crime spree schedule. Leave some dog toys outside too to let the burglars know you mean business. A chewed up plastic bone will speak wonders to a would be burglar who fears their shin bone will end up like that toy.
Get timed and smart lighting. Many anti-burglar advice givers say get timed lighting so when you’re away the burglars will think someone is home. That’s good but burglars are hip to that. They lay in wait to see when lights come on, and if they do at the same time everyday, it’s a clear sign it’s an automatic lighting setting. Smart lighting does the same but not at the exact same time and switches lights on and off in areas of the house that normally would have on-off activity like bathrooms and kitchens. This makes the appearance that people, erratically, are using the home and that the odds for success burglarizing the home are none.

Make certain someone picks up mail and deliveries. You can hire a service to do this. A stuffed mailbox or porch covered in packages are a clear sign that no one is home. The same goes for maintenance around the house. Have someone mow the lawn and do the hedges and general pick up as well as move lawn furniture around now and then to make it look like the home is active. Even have some friends stop by and use your entertainment room as a getaway now and then or your outdoor grill, pool, or other recreational things so that potential burglars will see the property occupied and active and giving no chance of entry.

Overall, taking preventative measures doesn’t call for that much but does call for some common sense and ingenuity. Make sure that blinds an curtains are drawn so that burglars can’t see valuable objects inside. Don’t blab on social networks that you’re away on vacation and don’t establish online that at specific times you’ll be away like on holidays and birthdays. Burglars can get this info and plan accordingly.

It’s up to you to protect your home and you can be highly effective with a good foot forward.

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