Google And Apple Are Locking Up For You

Google And Apple Are Locking Up For You

Locking Up

As if Google and Apple are locking up already a major part of everyone’s lives, now the two companies are moving into the locksmith business with their own versions of technologies that will change the way locks perform from now on.

Both companies are delving further into the lock business with development of apps and such that replace traditional locks and keys.  Basically, these technologies will allow people to lock and unlock, gain enter to areas by using their own smartphone apps or other computing devices and software.  The market potential is huge but not without its lock controversy.

The issue here is how safe and affordable are these new strategies?  Leaving everything up to electronics has not proven itself to be a wise thing in the past.  This doesn’t mean, however the replacement of hardware locks, only that the locks will be operated by electronics at remote of close at hand options.

Both companies have invested a lot in this approach with the global potential to be astonishing to say the least.  They’ve been investing in new technologies and buying up companies who have locking technologies at a rapid pace.  Some say too much too fast, but considering the massive amount of income that both Google and Apple generate annually, no one is sneezing at their attempts, just sitting back and watching to see what shakes from that tree.

Think of it this way, if the two companies are correct, you can unlock and operate any devices or structures that require a key.  No more putting the key in the lock to open anything, like your car doors, just use your iPhone or other devices to do the job.  Want to get into your job?  These companies are working systems that will allow you access to your job and with tier options such as how long you’ll be there or when you can and cannot gain access.

Such systems from Apple suggest this is all going to be a reality soon.  Just looking at their Passbook, Apple Pay in accordance with Touch ID, HomeKit, and iPhone fingerprint security devices, it all spells out the potential for the locksmith industry.

Think this is far fetched?  Already on the market are software that work with both the iPhone and Android.  These primarily are for payment systems that have security features like fingerprint security as well as what’s called NFC payment and transaction. The one in question is the August smart lock that is said to be going to change many ways we used locks like replacing car keys and other things.  It will give you the options of controlling entry and use of areas by just using your mobile devices.

There’s no telling where this technology is going to end up.   The big worries are that if everything is electronic, won’t it give hackers an even better set of tools to cause havoc?  Putting all of one’s eggs in one basket is not a good idea, but only field testing will tell if these new lock systems are going to work or require a whole new field of security just to operate them. It might be too much technology for the average person, but then again, if companies across the globe start using them, adapting to it will be a must just to be able to do every day business.

So the jury is still out regarding how effective these new lock systems are going to perform, but it’s a sure bet that there will be a monumental amount of money poured into them and major changes in the way we live regarding security.

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