Why do you need to replace your lock when you lose your keys?

Replace your lock

Locks are humble invention that provides sense of security to people. Replace your lock with best one in all cases. Cars, homes, almirahs and most of the things that have room to store something are designed with locks to secure them. Conventional locks have simple mechanism that involves levers and springs. A pair of lock and key is made for each other. A lock can be opened with the respective key that is paired with it and vice versa is also correct. In other words, keys are the simplest means of access to homes, cars, etc. Ironically, something of such significance is normally the victim of negligence. Perhaps, people do not keenly assess the possible impact of losing keys. Else, people will not take keys lightly.

The importance of locks and keys needs not be mentioned. They are used for security of property and documents. Thus, if keys are lost, the security can get compromised. This sufficiently highlights the need to be careful about keys. However, people face different chorus throughout the day. Some are usual others are occasional. However, most of the usual and occasional activities become so obvious that people do not think about their side-effects. There is ample opportunity for criminal-minded fellows to get access to someone’s house or car right with the help of keys. All people need is to question themselves whether they have the keys throughout the day.

A common practice is to leave keys under the doormat, under flowerpot, on upper doorframe and in fake stones that can blend with real stones in the garden. Every thief knows about these places. A little security for the key is offered but only by those fake stones that can be secured with lock-codes and are strong enough to bear physical blows. Keys kept at any other place can be taken to be copied and then returned to its location. Thus, the unwelcome visitor can simply open locks to access home.

Another regular chore is carwash, car service, car park, etc, when people have to hand over the keys to a stranger. The person thus has access to everything that is kept in the car. He may also get a copy of the key and return the original to the owner. It is notable that documents containing postal address of the owner are typically kept in the storage compartment of cars. In straight words, the person who took the key for car service, parking or washing gets the address of the house as well as can open its locks. It is also noteworthy that whoever takes the keys does not turn into criminal but may not be as careful with the keys as owners are. Thus, other unsocial elements can get hold of the keys.

The conclusion of the entire story highlights that owners must be attentive about their keys. If they lose their keys for any reason, the safest move is to change the lock or rekey the lock, if possible. Besides, there are other techniques to ensure satisfactory security and people should always keep tap on them.

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