The History and Types of Safes









Safes can be defined as secure lockable boxes that are used for storing valuable objects to protect them against damage from fire or theft. Usually a safe is a hollow cylinder or cuboid where one face comes in the form of a door or is either removable. Both the door and body is made of either metal or plastic with the help of blow molding. When it comes to safe types, their distinction is done on the basis of whether it is movable or secured to some structure or a wall. Jeremiah Chubb and Charles Chubb were the inventors of the safes and since the year 1818 they have been involved in the production of locks. In the year 1886, Henry Brown received the patent for a receptacle to preserve and store papers. This forged metal container was accident resistant as well as fire retardant. Some of the types of safes include:

Room Sized Fire Resistant Vaults

For heat-sensitive materials, room sized vaults prove a lot more economical instead of storing them in different fire resistant safes. A safe like this is primarily used by government agencies, corporations as well as storage service firms. The modular panel system core of these safes utilizes ceramic fiber as it is an ideal insulating material.

Wall Safes

These safes are perfect to store miscellaneous valuables and documents that require hidden protection. Space can be utilized to the maximum extent as this safe has an adjustable depth. It can be easily concealed by hanging some wall painting over it.

Fire Resistant Safes

This is a safe which is specifically designed to protect the contents from actual fire or high temperature. The rating for such type of safes is primarily based on the time it can withstand extreme temperatures which is generally less than 177°C for over thirty minutes. In-floor safes are generally resistant against fires but, they actually face the risk of getting flooded with water as not all of them are watertight.

Jewelry Safes

These are fire and burglary safes that are specifically designed to store valuables and jewelry. Some of the high-end safes include interior jewelry chests that are made of fabric liners and fine wood with various organizational configurations.

Diversion Safes

A diversion safe is basically small in size which is used for hiding items of high value. The unique part about these safes is that they are manufactured in a way that makes it hard for people to recognize it as safes. They can be in the form of items of daily use like candles, books, household cleaners, etc. People generally use such safes for storing emergency cash.

These are mostly the types of safes that are available for commercial as well as household use. Different safes come with different types of locking mechanisms. A cheap safe usually make use of the lock and key feature where the user can easily open or close the safe. On the other hand, commercial institutions and government agencies usually make use of electrical mechanisms for the lock.

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