What To Look For In Door Lock Protection Choices

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Lock Protection

Getting the right door lock protection for your home or office is not as easy as it may seem. Not just any old lock will do. You have to plan and take notice of what you’re protecting and how much you’re willing to pay and have your property modified so that the locks are at peak performance.

There are several types of locks and each one is designed by locksmith engineers to provide various levels of protection. Ranging from 1 to 3 with 1 being the highest level, locks are watchdogged by two organizations that specialize in industry standards. The ANSI or American National Standards Institute and the BHMA or Builders Hardware Manufactures Association. They ensure that the lock industry keeps strong and meets the rigors needed to be effective in protection. Not all locks are covered by these organizations but it’s a good bet you’ll want yours covered.

The slip bolt locks also called spring latch are the most common for doors. You’ve got them on your inside doors and offices. Using a key to unlock them by moving the spring back that releases the bolt is somewhat secure but bad guys can bypass that with force and tools.

The deadbolt lock are the locks you see that calls for you to manually release them. You slide the bolt back to unlock and slide it in to lock it. They’re mounted into the door frame and there are several forms. These locks take a lot to break as the attempts will make lots of noise and call for lots of effort. Depending on what the lock is fastened to the stronger the structure the stronger the support for the bolt.

The bottom line here is that you need to do some research, study on your own about locks. The local locksmith should be a friendly and compliant professional who will answer your questions and point you to the right references. Studying online is a big help too. What you’re looking for is the best level of security you can get that is complimentary to the structure of your home or office. You don’t want a lock that will compromise security but a lock that enhances it.

No lock is totally foolproof but a great lock strategically placed and part of an overall security program that includes alarms and so on. So go out and get yourself a professional locksmith and feel rest assured about your safety.

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