Tips from the locksmiths at Florida Lock Doctor

Tips from the locksmith at Florida Lock Doctor







Locksmiths at Florida

Here are a few quick tips from the Locksmiths at Florida Lock Doctor.

1. Make sure that all the locks on your windows are in the locked position and function correctly.

2. If you can afford to, secure the sliding patio doors with an aftermarket lock. These doors are the easiest way to gain entry to your home short of walking through an unlocked door. This is something that we can help you with and these locks are ascetically pleasing as well.

3. If you have a double sided deadbolt on your door(s) do NOT leave a key in it on the inside. Instead hang a picture to hide the key behind or hide a key under a object near the door. In case there is a fire you can exit the house with out sacrificing your security. If you have any of these locks on your home or business and you do not have a key to them please call us so that we can rekey them and secure your residence or commercial property.

4. If you have to hide a key outside then use a thumbtack and secure a key out of sight from landscapers and others in a bush or a tree not easily attained. Not under a flower pot, a sprinkler head, under the mat, in the grill in the back yard, in a light etc.

5. People commonly take for granted there locks until they break or are locked out. You should spray a small squirt once every 6 months of silicon into your locks not WD-40 and not Graphite. If you live on or near the water you should do this once every 3 months. This will maintain all the inner workings of your locks for years to come.

6. We recommend a camera system and an alarm. We offer some of the best locks on the market. However if you have a brick laying near a back window and someone really wants to get in. Your best protection is an alarm and a camera system. Most of the time the bad guy is looking for easy victim. This will help deter them away from your house and family. We can help you with a wide variety of security items from locks,alarm systems,and cctv.

7. We can install what is called a anti-kick plate which goes on the frame of your door. This will strengthen your door frame and keep the bad guys from kicking in your door.

8. Keep valuables out of sight in your car especially at night and in public places like Malls, Grocery stores etc.

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