Types of Refrigerator Locks:kinds of Refrigerator

Types of Refrigerator Locks

Different kinds of Refrigerator Locks in the market. The customer chooses lock according to their own need that fulfills the requirements. In the trade lock available safe from kids also adults. So, discuss the types of fridge lock the customer to choose the best lock according to their need. Types of refrigerator locks are as following: 

  • Button Strap Fridge Lock
  • Padlock Fridge Lock
  • Clip Strap Fridge Lock

Button Strap Fridge Lock


When you installed the strap with the fridge, the door cannot open when pushing the button. When the door near latch naturally locks. The lock is best for kids.

Padlock Fridge Lock

Padlock fridge lock use for every age of people like kids to adults. More than two keys come with the lock. To open the lock required a strong push. This type of locks comes with two metal attachments.

Clip Strap Fridge Lock

Clip Strap also one of the best locks for Fridge Lock. This type of locks come with a combination code, combination change if you want.it is the most flexible and efficient lock.

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