Put a Lock to the Refrigerator

Put a Lock to the Refrigerator

Many people buy the fridge lock and worry about how to install it. Put a Lock to the Refrigerator, some people refer to the locksmith to spend a lot of money. This method is just a waste of money. Let discuss some steps to install lock are as follows:

  • Clean the Fridge
  • Apply the Lock Hinges
  • Lock the Fridge


1.   Clean the Fridge

In the first step clean the fridge door where install the lock. Clean all dirt and stains. If the lock installed lock without clean, the lock does not survive for long times.

2.   Apply the Lock Hinges

In the secondly, apply the lock on the fridge. The hinges on both sides correctly on the fridge. After employ makes sure to put strong push.

3.   Lock the Fridge

Many locks are available in the market today. Every lock provides different functionality. Some types of lock are as follows:

  • Key lock
  • TSA combination lock
  • padlock

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