The refrigerator door lock gadgets

The refrigerator door lock gadgets

The refrigerator door lock gadgets lock the refrigerator firmly with provides a high-quality locking system. This kit has contains two door kit cables. Installing of lock is very easy s drilling is not required. Once attached these pads, remove not easily. The kit has a peel and sticks anchor pads and a brass padlock. Easy install on the camper, boat, and cooler.

Features of refrigerator door lock gadgets:

  • Easy to install, no drilling required
  • Its price is $29.95.price will vary time by time
  • Available in white.
  • No drilling required
  • Works are great on any type of refrigerator.
  • Kit has a peel and sticks anchor pads and a brass padlock.
  • Available in a different color
  • it can be safely removed with heat and normal solvents.
  • It sticks to the refrigerator. We have had no trouble with it.

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