Protect Yourself As A Renter

Protecting Yourself As A Renter







Protect Yourself

Renting an apartment means that you might need more protect yourself than your landlord has provided. To protect against burglaries and other menaces, there are steps you can take to thwart or at least minimize the risks.

As with a new home or any dwelling, location is the key. If your apartment is in an area where trouble often brews it’s likely that you’ll be the victim of it if you don’t watch out. That’s why when looking for a new place you must peruse the neighborhood first. Don’t always trust your eyes as appearances can be deceiving in this case. Use your good sense and look for various clues as to how secure and safe the area is. Is it neat and well maintained? Are the homes kept in good order? Do neighbors have security systems installed? How close are you to a police or fire station or some major institution that has security like a college or corporation. Places like these often have security guards and cameras thus lessening the dangers of burglars and other evil doers. If things look good, you’ll be ready for the next step, neighbors.

Get the chance to chat with the neighbors to see what they’re like and what the neighborhood is really like. Ask about events of recent and yearly issues like summer time activities. If things sound good you’re on the stronger ground from which to move onto your next step, investigation.

Thanks to computing and the web, it’s easier to investigate an area. There are apps that allow you to read out the statistical data regarding an area’s safety and if there are known criminals in residence. From there you can gauge how many problems have been in an area and what to expect. There are also websites you can join that focus on criminal activity as well with up to date information on all sorts of criminal activity in real time. Using these venues you’ll better make a choice of the place you’ll want to be.

Finally, it’s time to work on the place you’ve chosen. You’ll need to peruse around the place for obstructions like big hedges that might block your view of a waiting intruder or provide such an intruder with cover. Make sure shrubs and such plants aren’t placed as a disadvantage to you. Look at the windows and make sure they’re secure. You can use a rod to prevent their opening. Doors and need to have a professional locksmith involved to secure locks and deadbolts and door hinges.

There are many ways to do this and the windows might need a locksmith too. If you really need security you might install a video surveillance system and alarm system. Nowadays you can find several combinations of such and have them installed or install them you. You can get surveillance systems that you can operate from a smartphone. Any intrusions will set off alarms and notify you and you can see what the cameras have to say.

Overall, securing your apartment is both your and your landlord’s responsibility. Both should have renter’s insurance that isn’t expensive but covers against such things as burglary, water damage, fire, and more. It’s getting easier for renters to protect themselves and these tips are just the general ones to ensure your new home is safe and sound. You need protection. Protect yourself.

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