How to Protect Home from a Break-In

How to Protect Your Home from a Break-In







Protect Home

Leaving your home to go away can be tough, especially when you will be gone for an extended period of time. You need to protect home. There are a million things to potentially worry about: who will watch the pets, how will the plants get water, what if something happens? The last thing you want to think about in these cases is a potential break-in by burglars or vandals. Here are some tips for you to secure your house to limit these security risks:

The first and foremost rule is to keep the news about you going away quiet. Criminals specifically try to hit houses where they know that the people are away- if you do not tell many people about your absence, chances are the criminals won’t find out either and in turn, are less likely to hit your house because they will not be sure whether or not someone is home. You can go beyond this to actively make it look like someone is in the house even if they aren’t. One way to do this is to use automatic light timers which can simulate normal patterns of use- this obviously makes thieves think someone is in the house and moving about. This strategy can really be used with any electronics that have a timer including your television.

Once you have made the illusion of being home, it is time to make it actually difficult to break-in should a brave criminal still try to come in. The obvious tip here is to make sure your windows and doors are locked (and that you have your keys with you for when you get back so you don’t have to call the locksmith!). As far as locks, try to use ANSI grade 1 rating locks, which are much harder to break into.  You should do this for any doors that face externally including any doors that go from the house to the garage. If your doors have glass that is close to the lock, make sure to use reinforced invisible security film to deter breaking the glass in order to get in.

Now that you have made it seem like someone is home and have made it hard to break-in, the next step is to thwart the next potential thing that a burglar would be doing should they make it past the first two hurdles: make it hard for them to hide. Try to trim back shrubbery and other outside obstacles which would leave the thief exposed when they come out.

Finally, consider installing a professional home security alarm system. The sound alone will deter any burglars, but the system will also automatically notify the police as well as you if something does happen. This option can really give you the most peace of mind when you are away and trying to enjoy yourself. If you end up getting a professional system, be sure to put a sign in the front yard that says the home is protected by the system- this is another great deterrent.

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