Google and Apple locks: Bump-resistant locks

Bump-resistant and bump-proof locks 

When the increase in burglaries as thieves have been using bump keys to enter homes and offices. Google and Apple locks, especially tools are required to rekey your locks, and this will increase the price considerably.

The deep locks of pin tumbler locks in use today can be bumped open. Two ways use to alleviate the hazard of bump key outbreak. However, everyone’s locks also have their pros as well as be sure  One of the most common dupes is forgetting the combination code.

high-security locks of Google and Apple locks not bumped under any case:

First is Rotating disk locks such as  Abloy so as to Abus

Second is Locks that feature sliders such as the EVVA 3KS

so as The third is Magnetic keys systems like the EVVA MCS

Pros and cons


  • it is Pick proof, avoid break-ins because burglars are unable to pick as well as bump the lock.
  • provided that No more key You want to have to carry around a broad set of keys
  • Control you can control and restrict who goes into what part of the building
  • provided that Aesthetically Pleasing Door locks can come in a range of stylish colors that look smart and professional.
  • Perfect for the elderly as well as disabled


  • Forgetful easy to forget your PIN code for the lock
  • Keep the PIN code safe and the lock clean to stop unwanted people from finding out the code
  • on the negative side If Power Failure lock not work
  • Limit the PIN Code Length

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