Different Types of Keyless Lockers for Office

Keyless lockers in Florida

The optimized point of the smart day locker is, it has many different types of keyless lockers for office hoteling. It is available for these offices. Few of basics related to our types of keyless locks between them:

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Proximity Keyless Lockers

This lock is best. Users use lockers simply by pressing a proximity media against the handle. The lock has an independent power system. It uses four standard 1.5V AA batteries.

Hence, the variety of programming modes depends on that, lockers can be converted from dedicated mode into equally, free mode. It refers to that they can assign to an individual user. It can freely available to everyone.  or be designated to a defined user group.

Keypad Lock:

The user of this locker uses a 4-digit code to manipulate lock. He can lock and unlock the locker with code. The user uses his own code. This can also be set by management. In case the code is forgotten or management requires access, a wireless controller or bypass key is exist for it.

Coin Operated Lock:

By the same token, a coin-operated lock is also available. Furthermore, unauthorized locker reservation can be denied by adding up coin activation as a deposit. Users are needed to use a coin before they can enter the code. Moreover, the automatic opening of the lock can be maintained at night. This is very useful for security. This kind of keyless lock is beneficial in nowadays life.

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