What You Should Know Before Choosing a Smart Lock

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Smart Lock










A smart lock can offer you a lot of convenience whet you enter or leave your home. However, before you choose one to use, there are a few things your locksmith would like you to know about them.

Use Good Batteries

A smart lock runs on battery power. These batteries control the wireless chips, LED lights, and the motor that locks and unlocks your door. Activating the motor draws lots of battery power to extend or retract the deadbolt. As such, you need to choose high- quality batteries so you don’t have to change them too often.

Make Sure Your Door Closes Properly

Many doors, especially in older homes, are slightly misaligned. This makes it so they don’t close properly unless you push on them. You’ll need to address this issue prior to installing a smart lock because the deadbolt needs to extend and retract freely on its own without getting caught on anything or it’ll simply jam up.

Be Aware of the Huge Thumb Turn Plates

Traditional deadbolt locks’ thumb turns don’t take up much space. They’re fairly unobtrusive and low-key overall. However, because a smart lock has lots of electronics built into it, their interior thumb turn mechanism is much bigger. While this usually isn’t a big deal, if you have some type of trim or decoration on your door that sits close to the lock, your smart lock may not fit properly – if it fits at all.

Buy the Same Brand of Lock Your Home Already Uses

Two of the biggest lock manufacturers on the market today are Kwikset and Schlage. They both use different style pins inside the lock cylinder. This means that if you want to use the same key on all the locks throughout your home, those locks would all have to be made by the same manufacturer. Of course, if you’re replacing all the locks in your home, this really doesn’t matter much.

Keep Your Traditional Deadbolt

When you want to keep your existing deadbolt, but you also want the convenience of a smart lock, simply buy a “conversion kit.” This will transform your traditional deadbolt into a smart lock for you by installing interior mechanisms over the top of your existing thumb turn. Keep in mind, this won’t completely replace your entire lock. There are some good reasons to do this though – like wanting to keep using your current house keys or just keeping the outside of your door clean and inconspicuous of fancy keypads and LED lights.

Talk to Your Landlord First

Sometimes it’s against your rental contract to change the lock on a home that you’re renting. In this case, you’ll want to talk to your landlord before doing so. Whether you have their permission or you own your own home, when you’re ready to install a smart lock in your home, give the Florida Lock Doctor a call. They understand that your safety is a primary concern and choosing the right lock plays a major role here. As such, they’ll go out of their way to take great care of you like they have taken care of their many clients before you. So, contact them today.

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