Unlocking Your Car Using a Smartphone is Now Possible!

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Unlocking Your Car Using a Smartphone

Don’t you just hate that moment when you forget your keys in your car and it’s basically impossible to open it? Well, this could soon be a thing of the past, as some of the world’s biggest manufacturers have already started to replace keys with smartphone.

BMW, for example, unveiled a revolutionary concept at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, by showing off a smartphone-enabled car locking and unlocking experience.

Going by the name of Digital Key, it will be available starting with July 2018 for BMW car owners who also own a Samsung smartphone. Specifically, using the BMW Connected app, the Digital Key can be used to open your car directly from your phone. And this is not everything!

If your car comes with an integrated wireless charging pad on the dashboard, you can use the phone to start the engine. Basically, you can completely forget about your keys.

BMW thought about the possibility of losing your phone, which would mean that you lose access to your car. This can’t happen though, as you can share a “copy” of your key with up to five people who own a Samsung smartphone.
If you’re interested in this solution and are eligible – you have a BMW and a Samsung – you do need to wait a while until you will be able to try Digital Key. For starters, there will only be an initial, very limited rollout. However, we’re looking forward to seeing the app hitting the Play Store soon.

Despite being a more than innovative approach the physical keys, it will take a while until this solution will be used by the masses. Smartphones are indeed becoming all-in-one devices, but it’s hard to believe that people will totally rely on them to control their cars, at least for the moment.

As soon as more and more manufacturers will develop similar options for their models, the search for car keys will most likely be gone, as they will be replaced with something similar to the Digital Key.

Even if BMW and Samsung’s idea looks innovative, it’s not something that new. Third-party alarm system manufacturers, like Viper, for example, came with similar solutions a few years ago. We’re talking about complex alarm systems, able to start your engine from a specific distance, not to mention the usual lock and unlock features.

Some manufacturers loaded their cars with programmable systems, able to start heating or cooling your car remotely, depending on the temperature as well.

Also, the latest BMW 7 Series model comes with a special key, with an integrated touchscreen. Besides locking, unlocking and starting the car, it can be used to move it forward and back. This is definitely useful when somebody parks way too close to the doors and you just can’t enter the car.
However, there’s one catch: these things aren’t done from a smartphone, but using an additional remote, which is usually worn on a key ring. The whole idea behind the Digital Key is that it’s on your smartphone. You take your phone with you everywhere, so why not have your car keys on it as well?
The only problem is that you should always be careful to not lose your phone or have just 1% battery left.

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