Security cameras:Jimmy Proof Deadbolt lock system

Jimmy Proof Deadbolt lock system as well as Security cameras

    Jimmy Proof deadbolts built-in double doors. These locks are installed on the inside of the door and are provide easy installation. furthermore, Security cameras, provide minimal modifications on a door before the installation of Jimmy Proof deadbolts. as well as The lock utilizing in a single-cylinder that uses a key on one side, and the other uses a turning knob.

Jimmy proof locks use two interlace vertical bolts that fall into a beat plate. Usually, used in apartments might choose to use a jimmy-proof deadbolt. If you have bottom locks, we recommend installing a jimmy-proof deadbolt. so as to Charge’s professional installation is $225. 

Moreover, these deadbolts rare dial that allows you to lock the deadbolt.

However, these locks do not offer as much security as others when crooks are trying to break in. The Jimmy proof demand only a single slot instruct through the door.

Features of jimmy deadbolts lock to explain


  • on the positive side provided that PERFECT DESIGN
  • provided that too good SECURITY
  • also provided that WARRANTY AND BEST SERVICE

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