Safe lockers for security: Cam locks

Cam Locks:

The locks are second hand in filing cabinets, lockboxes, lockers provide low-level security. Furthermore, These locks employ a small flat metal backside called a “cam”.This “cam ” uses a key to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise.provided that much variety of cam lock.

Cam locks facilitate a variety of keys such as:

In the first place are flat keys second is tubular keys and the third is rounded keys.

Types of Cam Locks let start in detail:

1.Flat Key Disc Tumbler Cam Locks

 The Key is inserted cover up with discs to allow rotation. The slightest expensive type of cam lock. Give standard security.

2.Tubular Style Cam Locks

The Keys are to push identical pins inner side that allows rotation. additionally, It provided more security than a flat key. but it is still not costly.

3.Keyless Cam Lock

Key not use in the keyless cam lock. Cam lock rotated by thumb rotation, etc.comparatively it provides better security than a flat key lock.

4.Electronic Cam Lock

Digital password and fringer print using to unlock the electronic cam lock. Moreover, it is too is more costly because the provided that more features.

 Pros and cons of the cam lock


  • Easy To Install
  • Weather Resistant
  • Cam locks are very versatile
  • provided as much as the variety of shapes, sizes, and materials


  • Provide low  security
  • expensive

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