Is It Safe to Buy A Safe?

Is It Safe to Buy A Safe?









Buy A Safe

Buy a safe call for looking carefully at the details.  You want to make sure all your concerns are met and that you don’t get stuck with a lemon.  Even the best locksmith will tell you, picking a safe means knowing what safes are made of and evaluated.

First of all, you’ll be looking for the UL rating of the safe.  UL stands for the Underwriters Laboratories.  UL is an independent agency that is non-profit that gives out their ratings establishing a safe’s qualifications so that the customer can gauge better.  UL primarily evaluates the fireproofing of a safe.  For example, a UL Class 350 One-Hour rating means that the safe can deal with temps as high as 1,700 degrees F for at least one hour.  If you’ve valuables of such importance you want the most out of your safe as you can get.

You’ll need to figure out what sized safe is best.  Think in terms of what you have to store in a safe and whether you will be adding more items over what period of time.  A safe can store money, jewels, documents, even artwork, and electronics.  You don’t want a material stored that can decay or damage the other items inside so yo may need extra room.  If not, then a modest sized safe would be better.  Since your safe will be kept in an area of the home or office inaccessible by others, you should take into account how much space it will take up and whether you can obscure it behind an object like a fake wall or paneling.  You don’t want a spacious home office with a huge block-like object sticking out like a sore thumb.  You don’t want attention drawn to the safe.

The thickness of the safe walls is a plus too.  The thicker the better.  Some safe companies won’t talk about wall thickness as they’re just trying to make sales.  Ask up front and get the information you want.  You want a safe that is fireproof and waterproof in addition to keeping out prying eyes and criminals.

When it comes to locking mechanisms, luckily there are UL ratings for these too.  Combination locks are the favorite but today’s computing technologies allow for more intricate locking mechanisms that work with or independently of a combination lock.  You don’t want a combination lock that takes forever to open especially during an emergency.  Keys that open one lock to access another lock are also used.  You will have to look at what you do with your safe to determine the best locking mechanisms for you.  Go to a locksmith’s of safe company’s site and ask to test them.  See what is comfortable for you and then make your choice.

As one can see, buying a safe call for the kind of acumen like that of a professional locksmith.  You have to do your homework, take your time to test the materials and systems and see what works best for you.  In the long and short term, this turns out to e the best in quality and security.  Your valuables will be protected and you can go to bed knowing you’ve done your due diligence safely.

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