Being Responsible For Your Home Security

Being Responsible For Your Home SecurityHome security isn’t just the installation of high-tech gizmos and intricate lock mechanisms.  Sure it’s a great idea to have a certified locksmith around if you do, but there are other actions you can take that will increase the chances that your hope will remain secure.

There are several factors involved in protecting your home.  It’s the little things that can add up to much and sometimes just be changing a regular routine can be the cherry on top of protecting your home from criminals.  Today’s home security systems allow for you to manipulate several systems on the house such as lighting, heating, locks, even integrating your entertainment system to make the home look less inviting to those of ill will.  You can even use your smartphone to activate and monitor many of these programs to turn the lights on and off.  Throne thing burglars fear is a house that is occupied.

Arrangements of lawn furniture, decorations, can also be important.  Don’t put things directly in the line of the security cameras or the way they can obscure your vision.  Don’t make objects so big that a person could hide behind.  Foliage close to the home should be trimmed and any branches and overhead limbs should be trimmed also.

Don’t blab on social media when you’re out of town. Crooks scour the social media networks just for that kind of information.  Don’t mention routine and annual away from home celebrations either.  The bad guys can then plan when you’re away.

There are many a scam the bad guys will play on you.  Knowing the basic ones will familiarize yourself with the pattern as all the bigger scams are nothing more than scalable versions of the easy ones.

Phone solicitations from people and businesses you’ve not heard of should be carefully considered and only responded to after a good background check any search engine can provide.  What these phone scams do is needle you for information that could be used to break into your home.  Scammers can find out when you’re not home, and perhaps even secret details that can be used to access passwords and such.

Standard mail, leaflets, flyers can be used the same way.  Any of them asking you to send in info or offering discounts on products.  Some may even pose as home security experts that claim to need to check out your home security system and that they’re certified locksmiths.  All they’re doing is compromising your home security system right under your nose.

Make real certain that family members and friends don’t post about your vacationing.  Have everyone be a mom and wait until you’ve returned home.  If you are really on vacation, be careful if you get a call or email asking you to give out your home security info or to just check if you’re home.  Don’t fall for it.

Sometimes scammers will wait til you’re out of the home to tell you some damage or fine has occurred and that you need to address the situation now or be in real trouble.  Don’t fall for it.  It’s a widening crime and in very desperate situations quite alarming information may e claimed.  Make sure you’re in good contact with your local law enforcement agencies.  More and more of them are adding cyber crimes and other fraud to their workforce and need as much information as can be.

It’s up to you to protect your home and doing the simple things can mean a lot.

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