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Locks - Security tips and AdviceMany of us frequent fitness facilities today. While there we use their lockers to store our clothing and personal belongings. Unfortunately, property theft from these lockers is a major problem for these facilities today. There are also some locks that these thieves prefer. To keep you safe the next time you use the lockers at one of these facilities, you’ll want to know what your locksmith says these locks are.

Warded Padlocks

The least secure type of lock is the warded padlock, which can be easily opened with a skeleton key. You’ll recognize these because they have a zigzag keyway that’s different from any other type of mechanism. The correct key needs cutouts that correspond to the position of each of the internal wards. Although this sounds complicated, this is easy to penetrate because the skeleton key is just a blank key that’s cut so only its tip is active.

Combination Padlocks

These popular padlocks simply require you to rotate each thumb-wheel to the correct number. All a thief needs to do to open this padlock is simply decode the thumb-wheels. This is done with a very thin, flat piece of metal, wire, paper, or part of a beer can. They can do this in a matter of seconds without attracting much attention.

Master Combination Locks With a key Bypass

Master combination padlocks can be opened with a key that can unlock all locks in a facility. They’re the padlocks that have been used by school students for over 60 years though. Today they’re also frequently used in gyms and health clubs because they’re so versatile and allow administrative or security staff to access them when necessary. The problem with these locks is that you can disassemble one and produce a key that will open all of them within a facility.

Mechanical Combination Lock Affixed to the Locker Door

Electronic and mechanical combination locks that are part of the locker door are growing in popularity today. They’re usually programmed by rotating the four wheels inside of them to create a unique code for locking and unlocking it. Although these lockers require maintenance to replace their batteries, they’re still preferable to other locks. Unfortunately, they’re easy to break into within seconds simply by torqueing the dial. All a thief really needs is a simple pair of pliers to do this.

TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

You probably don’t think about these much but you can use them on your locker so you shouldn’t overlook their security flaws. Although they’re issued by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) thieves can still break through them. These have master keys that aren’t supposed to be available to the public. This doesn’t mean that these keys haven’t made their way into some unsavory hands though.

Now that you know what types of locks you shouldn’t use, you’re probably wondering what types of locks you should use. At Florida Lock Doctor we’re experienced in high security locks that can keep you and your fitness clients safe. Let a locksmith from our company help you choose the right locks to install today.

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