Important Considerations When Changing Locks

 Necessary Considerations When Changing Locks











When you think about a lock, you don’t imagine it being too complicated. Some considerations are important. However, when it comes to your security there are some important insights and options you should consider here.

Remember the Necessities

Your front door should always have at least one deadbolt. This is what provides the door with actual security. While a door handle lock is good, it can be bypassed with a credit card. Make sure the deadbolt you choose is one that’s intended for use on exterior doors since this is the most likely area of your home to be targeted by a criminal.

Decide how Much Security you Need

There are some basic things to remember when you replace the lock on your front door. One of your main concerns should be the amount of force that can be applied to the lock before it fails. You also want to make sure it has lock pick resistance even though criminals won’t pick it, you still need to be concerned with bumping (using a special key to get into a pin tumbler).

Choose Quality Instead of a Brand

A locksmith will tell you that you can’t simply go to your local hardware store and pick up any lock. You need to know the difference between brands so you can choose the best one without being misled by their claims, information, and warranties. This starts with knowing what you need from a lock then narrowing the field, but this also makes it more difficult to tell the difference between similar locks. This is why you also need to know what types of threats your property may encounter. With this information in mind you can then choose a lock for a more niche purpose. Whatever you do, a locksmith will warn you that you should never let the brand name dictate your security. Instead, you should let your security dictate the brand of lock you choose.

Consider Electronic Lock Options

There are now many different electronic options your locksmith may also suggest. Those that are intended for residential use have several distinct characteristics. For instance, there are both Wi-Fi smart and Bluetooth smart locks available. While both can be controlled by your smartphone, Wi-Fi ones can be controlled from anywhere in the world, while Bluetooth requires close proximity. If you own a rental property, keypads are a great option because you can easily change its combination instead of making extra keys, which is a huge hassle.

Contact a Residential Locksmith

Experienced in servicing residential buildings, these professionals can offer you a lot of great options and insights. Besides giving you information, they can also handle any work that needs done. This is a good choice because you never know when you may encounter a situation in which you can’t handle your front door lock replacement yourself. With all this in mind, you should contact the Florida Lock Doctor to help you sort through it all. Having a set of well-trained, experienced eyes overseeing the process is valuable when it comes to your security. So, give them a call to get some help today.

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