Ilco anti-bump pin:Ilco anti-bump pin and pump

Ilco anti-bump pin and pump


 The Anti-bump locks using more pins and specially made keys.  Ilco anti-bump pin gets flat pin stacks to prevent them the jumping up also locks that have sidebars and no having top pins. Locks that use spin disks also protect across also keeps secure and close. Splendid is an economical, quick fix to the issue of bumping. But it can not defeat the physical risk.


The Ilco company is not a manufacturer of locks. But it provided the facility of supplier the locksmith and locks. Bumping is a means of making the pins jump upward the mow line to get control. Different key made When these are bounce into the cylinder and turned directly after, the lock is open. In this case, the lock can not break as well as not damage.

Features of Ilco Bump

  • No special tools are required
  • Ilco Bump Halt Bump Resistant Conversion Kit -For Knobs & Levers
  • Also, special machining is required
  • Conversion kits contain ten pins, ten springs and as well as for instructions
  • One spring and one pin always will provide resistance to bumping
  • increase the security Adding pins and spring 
  • The innovative Patent Pending solution to bumping
  • Its price $ 9.90

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