Gangway Traditional Locksmith, Smart Locks Are Here

Gangway Traditional Locksmith, Smart Locks Are Here







Smart Locks

One of the recent most innovations of the past few years is the use of smart locks, or locks that are controlled digitally. The market for such locks is interesting but slow to convince the public.

There’s a good number of reasons for why the public is reticent to jump on the bandwagon of smart locks and it will take the smart lock industry to overcome these apprehensions to win them over.

First of all is understanding. The traditional locksmith is someone who can fix a lock or make one and is a hands on type of thing. Digital smart locks allow for control by device such as computers and handheld devices. What happens if the handheld or computer or mobile device goes on the fritz? Will someone still be able to get into their home or storage area? Computers, apps, and software have a tendency to be buggy and haphazard so in that area, the digital locksmith has their hands full to reassure the public.

Hacking. What if someone hacks into some area where your smart lock’s information is stored? It’s not impossible as we’ve seen even the biggest banks, government agencies, and the like vulnerable to hackers from around the world. If hackers can get into those sites what’s to stop them from something as simple sounding as a digital lock?

These are the issues at hand and in truth the only way allay the fears of the public is for the manufacturers of smart locks to keep vigilant and gain that reputation for reliability and safety. If not, it will have to be the public themselves to come up with their own passing grade through trial and error. Should there ever be a mass hack attack or exploit of even just one smart lock company, the rest will suffer greatly.

Odds are that the new encryption techniques and use of the Cloud will prevent these from happening but you just never know.

So the race is on for the smart lock technologies to get the confidence of the public and business. If they can and it becomes a stable market then you’ll see more people and businesses using the technology. It’s all about time and patience and testing of something new. It will take a while but smart locks may well become common sooner than thought and if not, at least by the time they do they’ll have been tested to the nth degree.

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