Finest mortise latch locks in Tampa

Finest mortise latch locks

The Schlage L9040 is one of the finest mortise latch locks. Schlage L9040 works with the Samsung biometric lock as the following.

Features of a mortise lock:

The mortises are security locks but, it cannot be used commonly. It provides batter security than commonly used deadbolts.

A mortise lock can’t break with a hitting than a simple deadbolt.

Mortise locks are terminate and set in the body of the door. This setup gives us more secure stability.

Mortise locks provide more features so, it will be more expensive than deadbolts. Its cost is bearable if you want extraordinary safety.

Mortise locks are used in commercial properties.


  • It is used in public
  • It lies in Grade 1
  • Reinforced strike plate


  • No smart technology compatibility
  • it is costly

Schlage L9040

The Schlage L9040’s best suited for educational, medical, or governmental uses.if you want to secure your home or business like government building you are using the Schlage.

 The lock is a motion detective.  It is different from the deadbolt locks its work will be different. It has an ANSI  Grade-1. its weight is 6.65 lb.


  • Our locks provide high security and well installation.
  • Affordable prices locks
  • Well installation locks
  • Enough secure services
  • Doorknobs

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