Electrified Dead-Bolt: Electrified Dead-Bolt-Equipped

Electrified Dead-Bolt: Electrified Dead-Bolt-Equipped Panic Hardware

The panic bar must use in every fire departure door. Electrified Dead-Bolt can use in a large variety of situations that need both emergency leave and high security as school buildings, as well as money counting areas(SCIFs). Tap on the Panic Bar Rim latch and the Automatic Dead Bolt pullback that allowing to open the door. furthermore, The door sensor detected that automatically close the door after exit.

Electrified locks classified into two groups:

  • using mechanical devices to achieve the lock or unlock function
  • Locks that use purely electromagnetic means carry out

Electrified locks fit into two main categories:

  • electromechanical locks
  • magnetic locks

Basic types of electrified lock  

  1. First Case, control from the Access Control Panel2
  2. Second Case, Control from the Request-to-Exit Sensor
  3. Third Case, Lock Control from a remote location, like a Security Console or Desk

Types of locks not recommended include:

  • firstly Electrified Cylinder Locks
  • secondly Electrified Strikes
  • thirdly Electrified Dead-Bolts

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