What Door Lock to Use

What Door Lock to Use










Door Lock to Use

The front door lock to use is probably the most underrated part of a home. It speaks volumes to the house itself, often embodying the character as the first thing that most people see. It is important, for this reason, to have a door that really caters to your home. While the door itself is very important to the aesthetic, equally if not more important is the functional purpose it serves- to keep you safe by keeping you protected within or your house protected when you are not there. This is where the door is only as strong as its lock.

Door locks are especially important when it comes to the durability of the door itself and the type of lock you choose can be the difference between a break-in and nothing happening. Consumer Reports recommends a lock that has a 1-inch deadbolt and a reinforced metal box strike, 3-inch mounting screws to lodge the lock in the framing beyond the doorjamb, and doing the same for any doors that lead inside the house including the one in the garage. Furthermore, any deadbolt is usually better than a regular key knob type.

There are several types of popular locks made by famous companies including Medeco, and Schlage which should do the trick for most homes. The Medeco Maxum is a high-security lock which rated very highly in tests done by Consumer Reports. The Kwikset 980 is more of a standard lock but is great for most homes. Finally, the Schlage Camelot Touchscreen is a top-rated and app-enabled lock for the tech-friendly. The high-security and technology locks both run at about $200, which the standard is significantly cheaper at $30.

As the price range and variety of options and features suggest, it is not always the most straight-forward decision. You really need to decide what is important to you as well as how much you can afford to spend, keeping in mind the security value provided.

One thing to keep in mind when you are making this decision is that the double-cylinder deadbolts need a key to open from both the inside and outside. They are more secure but can pose some convenience downsides. Make sure before you buy a lock that you try it out at the store or watch a video of how it might look and work. You want something that keeps you secure, but also allows you to come in and out of your house easily when you want to.

If you are still using an older or feeble lock, it may be time to pay your local hardware store a visit to see what options are available. Even with some of the more complicated ones, a locksmith can always help you out should something go wrong, so that is never the big concern- the convenience factor is what needs to be thought of. Just as a door is a gateway into your house, the door lock is the keeper of the door so-to-speak. Good luck hunting for the right lock!

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