Different Door lock types

Door Lock 

  1. Deadbolts door lock
  2. Biometric locks 
  3. Electronic locks 
  4. Smart locks 
  5. Mortise locks 
  6. A door knob or hand lever locks


deadbolts using a single and double cylinder. 

Biometric locks:

Biometric locks given to access the user use fingerprint and scanners.

Electronic locks:

Electronic You can unlock with figure since, touchscreen with the numeric, smartphone.

Smart locks:

Smart locks Usually, Bluetooth access is provided in these locks. Connect the Bluetooth to your smartphone so you can control the lock with your smartphone.

Mortise Locks:

Mortise locks are more dependable and secure.

A door knob or hand lever locks:

used in internal doors.

ANSI/BHMA grading system for door locks & deadbolts

The ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute and BHMA Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. 

Three-level of grading are as following:

Grade 1 

  • locks provide the top level of security
  • Made for residential buildings and peopled deadbolts 
  • Made for Government sensitive building 

Grade 2

  •  locks provide the best level of security
  • Made for low residential buildings better than standard residential buildings.

Grade 3 

  • low residential buildings.
  • Recommendations for Simple home or building

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