Choosing A Safety Takes Smarts

Choosing A Safe Takes Smarts







Safety has come a long way over the decades. New materials, locks, procedures, and designs. Choosing a safe means looking at a variety of criteria that must be met if you want to keep your valuables, well, safe.

First off, how and what do you want to keep in the safe? Is it money, valuable jewelry and objects? How about important documents or computer storage devices and media? The wide variety of things that one can put in a safe means you’ll need to study up on what types of safes are out there that meet your needs and budget.

Just because a company puts out a safe and blabs on about how high quality it is, the truth is that time is the best judge. Companies that have been on the map for decades will have a track record of their successes and failures. A company that has had failures and posts them for the public, are companies that you can trust because they’re willing to admit they’ve goofed but have learned and built a better product. Believe it or not, some safes are highly prized collector’s items. Usually these originate from brands 50 to more years back. Usually just as conversational pieces or for fun as people like to play safe cracker at parties.

What you’re looking for nowadays is a safe that is built to last, will protect items from fire and water and extremes in temperature. Shock is another issue so that bumps and slams or falling debris should the place where the safe is located suffer damage like fire or earthquake or even someone trying to break into the safe. Companies manufacture a wide spectrum of safes just to meet these challenges.

A safe to hold your jewels may not be the best choice for digital media such as USB drives, hard drives, and disks like CDs and DVDs. Locking mechanisms range from the standard to digital with the smart technology of today. You want to be able to get into your safe in a jiffy, but you don’t want a locking mechanism that can be compromised by hackers.
Where you position your safe is of extreme importance. Thieves often look in out of the way places, so that being the first target, would not be a place to put your safe. Disguising your safe is a great way to throw off crooks. Having your safe in a hidden wall or floor would be a great idea as it would call for would be thieves to really have to go to work which burns time and makes it all more easy for the police to catch them.

Remember, a safe isn’t the first line of defense for your precious belongings. A safe is part of your overall security architecture. First is securing the grounds around your home with an alarm system, second is the home’s locks and windows that also have an alarm system, and then we come down to the safe. Should those of evil intent really want your goods, they’re going to have to work for it. Weight of the safe is important as well. You don’t want a safe that someone can just lift and carry away. To avoid purloining the entire safe, there are bolts and other ways to secure a safe into position, even into the foundation of the home itself.

Some safes also come with environmental controls for items that need to be kept dry or cool. Waterproofing is important too. Flooding could seep into a less than reputable safe, and should a fire occur, the water damage could compromise the safe as well.
Talk to more than one safe expert or consultant. Make sure you understand them completely and weigh your options. Budget is one thing, but when it comes to the protection of things that are of great value to you, don’t go cheap or that’s what you’ll end up regretting.

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