A Brief Look At Lutz, Florida

A Brief Look At Lutz, Florida





A Brief Look At Lutz

One of Florida’s interesting spots is Lutz. It’s origins are like something out of an old western movie. The locale was originally a train depot on the Tampa Northern Railroad, brought to the area by one W.P. Lutz.

Lutz began to grow around the train depot and soon the original station was demolished. You can find Lutz in the northwestern Hillsborough County area right next door to Tampa. It’s an unincorporated community like several in the area. It is comprised of 27.1 square miles.

Lutz has around 19,400 people. You’ll find families all over as they make up the bulk of the households.

Lutz has a lot of elementary schools, so families moving there can rest assured the kids will have plenty to do.

In tribute to its railroad roots, in 2000 they built a replica of the original depot in the area called “Beautiful Downtown Lutz”. Another bit of trivia is that the Lutz area is also nicknamed “Cactus Hat” in regard to the large amount of Cleistrocactus. The plant showed up mysteriously in 2003, perhaps the product of some practical joker or fluke in nature.

There’s lots of fun to be had in Lutz. You have entertainment centers, sports, and even hot air ballooning. You’ve got guided nature hikes for two to four people a the Not a Clue Adventures. You can go cruising at StarLite Cruises. If you ever wanted to get near dolphins, you can go on a dolphin exploration or watch the amazing creatures from a speedboat, just like in those action or nature movies.

There’s wine tasting too. The Keel & Curley Winery and the Florida Estates Winery are two of the premier wine tasting spots.

Sports enthusiasts can find golf and even the Lutz Independence Day Run. It’s a 1 mile or 5K run and you can do both if you wish.

You sure wont’ go hungry in he Lutz, Fl area. There are restaurants and bistros all over the place. The varied cuisine choices means that you’ll never get board nor your palate in jeopardy of collapsing. Being near Tampa means the spillover goodies that being in Lutz affords. You’ve got Mexican, New England, Italian, all sorts of foods.

So for an area that still celebrates its old roots, Lutz is a place that embraces the old and new to the benefit of one and all.

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