Best Smart Lock Yale Assure YRD256-CBA-619

Best Smart Lock

Yale Assure YRD256-CBA-619


The yale lock uses as well as August’s smart lock app and smart lock, By all means, it gives most of the same features as the August locks. Such as including remote control, an access log, voice control electronic keys, and sensor. Yale receives a Very Good rating for its fight to drilling from the ANSI. It’s keyless so that, not simple to pick-in. Best Retrofit Smart Lock

 August Smart Lock Pro AUG-SL-CON

 This lock provided similarity with Apple HomeKit as well as Z-Wave Plus smart home core. It is easy to install. The August Connect WiFi adapter chargers  $70 to given that access to more features. 

Worst Door Latches

 LockState LS-DB500R-SN

 The electronic lock is grate affected with drilling, picking, and kick-ins as powerful. In either case, it can not protect your front door.

locks DKK-02SN

 The electronic lock holds up to drilling fairly well.but its that provides all types of lock. It’s to picking and doesn’t hold up well to kick-ins alike when assisted with a box strike plate. Overall, it provided security but not too reliable.

locks ZWF-02BN

 The smart lock is easy to drill, pick, as well as kick-in as like LockState LS-DB500R-SN.To be sure it provided better security than others. 

Weslock 671

Weslock 671 is an anemic deadbolt lock.provided that is not hold up to drill, pick and kick as powerful like MiLocks ZWF-02BN. it Provides not good security like MiLocks ZWF-02BN. In reality, it is a waste of money because it not provides protection as well as feature.

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