Best Medeco Maxum M3 Locks in Florida

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There are few locks in Florida for security. The Maxum M3 is the next type of security locks. The characteristics of the lock are solidness, hardened steel casing. The installation makes it drill-proof. As opposed to other locks, the Maxum M3 is unique design does not open unless the pins fall at both the right level. Also, the right angle is necessary to understand to open the lock. The lock features 22 points of contact in just the right place to open. So, its opening process is difficult to opt but this hardness makes it unique and more secure. 

The keys of Medeco are somehow impossible to duplicate. These lockers are deadbolt only. Therefore, in case you install these locks, you need to find a matching doorknob lock. However, the deadbolts available in more than a dozen finishes. You can easily buy just the right match. These locks have two years warranty.

Pros of Medeco locks

  • These are the Pick-proof lockers
  • Medeco has unique key design
  • They have hardened steel casing
  • ANSI Grade 1 rating embedded
  • The locks have High-security strike plate

Cons of Medeco locks

  • They have a high price tag
  • Deadbolt only


  • Our locks provide high security and well installation.
  • Affordable prices lockers
  • Well installation lockers
  • Enough secure services
  • Doorknobs

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