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Service-mark is a click and collects location and Locks in Tampa Tec’s last-mile-solution. This is a total delivery system that packages are handover to the customer on the time. The smart closet can deliver goods and packages with a click and collect system as a pickup point for customers. This service-mark provides different services at the same time for their customer. The smart locker system according to their need, making it acutely functions. Research the ability to get all records of deliveries and control index.


Repair Service

          The faulty piece sends to the closet system for overhaul through the closet.

 Parcel Delivery in Businesses

       A smart locker system provides security for their employee.


        Real estate lockers with click and collect the Pickup station for parcels and services.

 Service Point

         A smart parcel system finds the best solution according to your storage demands, also provide care. It carries a multi-function. 

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