Basic Components of Smart Lockers

Basic Components of Smart Lockers


A lock is the most reliable for saving assets or documents. Some of the lock working as traditionally or some are smart locks. Most of the provide top class security and some locks provides basic security.

basic Components of smart lockers:

Authentication Panel

It provides access to only authorized persons, firstly it checks the identity able to access specific equipment. The most of check the authority use PIN code as well as the combination that much was secure and easy to remember. But PIN is easy to guess by the unauthorized person.


Content Surveillance

 Content surveillance means a system of lockable to track individual assets. RFID tags are the most reliable and efficient to use. Tags are attached to or embedded in a large variety of components. Moreover, Tablets, smartphones, are charged by this link.

Management Software

Using asset management software finds an easy-to-read way. This management software customizes and user and transaction reports.

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