Are Home Security Camera Already Useless?

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Over the past years, the popularity of the smart home concept has been constantly growing. Security camera is used for security. According to a recent report, the worldwide revenue for smart-home related products should exceed $48.5 million this year, this being a 38.3% increase, compared to 2017.

Most people started building their own with either a smart bulb or a home security camera, the latter being relatively accessible, thanks to the explosion of user-friendly models, developed by brands like Nest or D-Link. And we can totally understand why people are opting for them when it comes to home security: they feature mobile app support, facilitating alerts, easy monitoring, and even wireless support, so you can forget about cables all around your home. But this is not it…

Home security cameras can also be weather-resistant, so you can mount them outside, while others can be solar-powered, so you can forget about constantly recharging them.

People are intensely using these cameras, whether it’s for monitoring children, childcare workers or the elderly. Still, they are far from being perfect!

What’s up with all the alerts?

The majority of home security cameras are actually passive devices, providing “after the fact” monitoring. Simply put, despite being great at detecting motion and alerting the owner, they also tend to send a lot – better said, A LOT – of false alerts. Obviously, this is seriously annoying, especially for somebody who has multiple cameras at home. Or any other location, that is.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, we have some great news!

A company called Lighthouse proposes a monitoring solution utilizing 3D sensing and AI technology, in order to interpret what the camera is seeing in its field of view. Basically, it’s able to differentiate between individuals, giving you more specific notifications. Also, the same company proposes more sophisticated usage models, relying on complex AI-based algorithms, interpreting what’s happening in the field of view.

The cameras will be able to observe if somebody is falling down if an arm is being raised with a gun or many other use cases. Sure, these will also – most likely – trigger false alerts from time to time, but they will be more accurate than nowadays’ models.

Another company innovating in this domain is Cognitive Systems. They have developed cameras interpreting radio frequencies, therefore sensing activities within a home. Unlike traditional sensors, that use light or heat, these new cameras use Wi-Fi-based motion detection, thus being more reliable and limiting false alerts. And yes, they are also able to see through walls and in the dark!

Should I change all my cameras?

Seeing these new, innovative technologies is really tempting, as a lot of people could be interested in exchanging their classic home security cameras with more advanced models, like the ones presented above. Well, it’s not time yet, since these technologies are not ready for mass consumption.

Current home security solutions offer peace of mind and they are good enough for most people’s needs, so let’s wait for one year or two until the smart camera market will be totally disrupted by new products, providing almost real-time monitoring.

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